Egg sales boosts

Brits will boil, scramble, poach and fry their way through more than a billion eggs this October, according to figures released to mark the start of British Egg Week (4-10 October).
October is set to join Easter as one of the most popular times for eating eggs, with monthly sales reaching the billion mark for the first time ever.
The number of eggs produced in the UK this year is already up by nearly 8% on the same period in 2009 – equating to more than 300 million extra eggs.
Egg sales have benefited from the removal of the previous limits on consumption - with scientists confirming earlier this year that, not only do they have an insignificant effect on blood cholesterol levels, their all-round nutritional content justifies them being called a Superfood.  
New research for British Egg Week shows that more than 4 in 5 Brits no longer limit the number of eggs they eat and one in three women recognise that eggs help keep them feeling fuller for longer.  
The research found that the most popular way to enjoy eggs is fried, followed closely by poached, scrambled and boiled.  
Mark Williams, Chief Executive of the British Egg Industry Council said: “It’s clear that Brits have fallen back in love with eggs, however they want to eat them.”