Egg sales rocket

Record last quarter retail sales have helped the UK egg market grow to heights unseen since the salmonella crisis in the 1980s.

The last quarter of 2010 saw a 5% year-on-year rise in volume sales of eggs – one of the biggest periods for growth in recent years.

The total egg market grew overall last year by 1.6% in volume and 2.6% in value, building on recent successive years of continued growth, following decades of year-on-year declines. 

Positive health news, including the fact that eggs have been deemed a superfood by scientists, has helped the retail egg market to grow by some 70 million eggs to 4.6bn eggs.  Eggs’ excellent value for money in the current economic climate is also believed to be having a major impact.

Free range egg sales continue to drive both retail volume and value, but caged egg sales have stabilised after several years of decline.  
Mark Williams, Chief Executive of the British Egg Industry Council, puts the growth down to the industry’s proactive approach: “The consumer needed reassurance about eggs, so the industry developed a stringent code of practice and introduced the Lion scheme.  The consumer wanted free range, so producers made sure they were available.  

“In addition, we have worked with health and heart bodies to address the misinformation that has surrounded cholesterol and capitalised on positive nutrition research, which shows eggs are good for you.  The egg industry is a shining example of a sector that has not accepted its lot, but has taken control of its future.”

Source: TNS Superpanel data 52 w/e 26 December 2010