Egg sales rocket

Egg sales have accelerated significantly in 2015, building on several years of growth, according to new data from the British egg industry.

Retail egg sales (volume) have increased by 6% in the first three quarters of 2015, compared to the same period last year. If sales continue at the current rate, a record breaking year of figures since the 1950s is set to be recorded. This follows long term growth in the egg market, with sales up a total of 22% since 2008.

The British egg industry’s data shows that young people are helping to drive this growth, with those under 34 years of age purchasing 31% more eggs than they did in 2008.

Andrew Joret, British Egg Industry Council Chairman, said: “Eggs are now seen as a great tasting, healthy, nutrition packed and versatile option, with concerns about cholesterol firmly consigned to the past. The really exciting thing is that there is still room for growth as more and more people fall in love with eggs and become aware of their benefits.”

*Kantar Worldpanel data