Ever wondered about eggs? Experts tell all

The nation recently woke up to eggs in a rather different way, as experts from the egg industry recounted the modern history of eggs during a half hour documentary on BBC2, entitled ‘Ever Wondered About…Eggs’.  The programme featured a history of the Lion mark, both old and new.

The programme featured British Egg Industry Council Chairman, Andrew Parker, along with Clive Frampton, BEIC Treasurer and Chairman of the British Egg Products Association, and Amanda Cryer of the BEIS.

It also featured Edwina Currie, who said:  “British eggs are probably safer than ever.”

Andrew Parker said: “We were delighted to be able to work with the BBC to formulate the programme and we were able to get across the positive change in the egg industry since the relaunch of the Lion.”

‘Ever Wondered About Eggs’ was watched by almost a million people, and was worth around £250,000 in media advertising value.