Expert advises crack down on imports

The FSA and UKHSA is investigating several outbreaks of Salmonella that have been linked to Polish eggs and poultry products.
Polish authorities found Salmonella at several sites that supplied eggs to the UK. One of these outbreaks has resulted in 47 confirmed cases, with 25 of them being associated with one specific restaurant. A different strain of Salmonella has been linked to 82 cases in connection to bakeries in Cornwall. Food supply chain investigations have suggested that these eggs are from Poland.
Unlike imported eggs, British Lion eggs are FSA-approved to be served runny to vulnerable groups, including pregnant women, infants, and the elderly. The Lion mark ensures that all hens are vaccinated against Salmonella and produced to the highest food safety standards.

Influential food safety expert, Sterling Crew, has been highlighting the food safety benefits of specifying British Lion eggs and the risks of using imports in webinars with The Highfield Group and The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health.

Watch the CIEH webinar here and the Highfield one here.