On-farm stamping of Lion eggs - update

All British Lion caged eggs are now marked on farm with the producer establishment number, which shows the system of production, country of origin and the farm where the eggs were laid. 

Most Lion free range, barn and organic eggs will also be marked with the unique code on farm by the end of 2010.  However the deadline for the marking of all non-cage Lion eggs on farm has been extended by the British Egg Industry Council to 30 June 2011.  This will allow smaller Lion free range and organic egg producers to investigate and trial suitable equipment for small production units.

EU legislation requires the marking of all Class A eggs with a producer establishment number but the stamping can be carried out on farm or at the packing centre.  The introduction of on-farm marking of Lion eggs in 2009 was part of a package of measures to further improve traceability.

The Lion mark and best-before date will continue to be applied on Lion eggs at the packing centre.