Fashion students make eggs rock

The egg industry has drafted in some of the country’s leading fashion students to help crack the challenge of making the design classic more appealing to the youth audience.

The British Egg Industry Council has joined forces with London College of Fashion to look at ways of modernising the image of eggs. Research shows that eggs are often over-looked by young people in favour of processed fast food, so students from the BA course in Fashion Promotion were called in to help revamp their image. Dramatic new imagery created by the students will now be used as part of new promotional campaign targeting teenagers.

Creative ideas generated by the students range from an image of a pierced egg entitled ‘Eggs Rock’ to positioning eggs as ‘this season’s must have ingredient’ incorporating them into fashion spreads. Other inspiring imagery created includes ‘eggs - the backbone of nutrition’ which pictures eggs lined up along the spine of a model.

Maggie Norden, London College of Fashion Course Director, said: “This project has been an excellent opportunity to inspire the fashion promotion students and get them to direct their creative energy onto an everyday product, encouraging people to take a fresh look at eggs.”

The students’ designs will now be turned into postcards which will be distributed to bars and student unions.

Andrew Parker, Chairman of the British Egg Industry Council, said “Working with this group of young, creative students has been like a breath of fresh air. I’m sure their inspirational ideas will help to get eggs noticed by the youth market and encourage young people to look beyond the sometimes mundane image of eggs and see them in a different light – as a versatile fast food packed with nutritional goodness.”

Notes to editors

  • Eggs are packed with protein, vitamins A, D, E & the B group as well as minerals – iron, phosphorus and zinc. They are relatively low in fat too (only 1.6g saturated fat per medium egg.)