Food safety expert's Spanish egg warning

Sterling Crew - independent scientific advisor and public health commentator - warned of the food safety risks associated with non-UK eggs, having shared news on LinkedIn about a restaurant in Madrid which had to close after a salmonella outbreak caused almost 60 people to complain of food poisoning after eating their egg tortillas. 

The case - covered by BBC news - has put under scrutiny how Spanish restaurants prepare this iconic dish and the regulations around the cooking of eggs.

Dr Lisa Ackerley contributed to the conversation, commenting on the food safety benefits of British Lion eggs, which are produced under the British Lion Quality Code of Practice, and the reassurance they offer, enabling vulnerable groups to enjoy eggs runny.

The British Lion Quality Code of Practice eggs was introduced following the Salmonella scare in eggs in 1988, to eradicate Salmonella from the UK’s egg supply chain. It has the highest standards of food safety, making British Lion eggs safe to consume raw or runny, even by vulnerable group including pregnant women and older people.