Free Royal Society of Public Health egg safety training for hospitality industry

The Royal Society of Public Health alongside food safety experts, Doctor Lisa Ackerley and Sterling Crew, is hosting a free webinar on the precautions those working within hospitality need to take when sourcing and using eggs. The online training session will take place between 1pm and 2pm on 14 May – book your place now.
All eggs that carry the British Lion mark have been produced under the stringent requirements of the British Lion Code of Practice, which ensures the highest standards of food safety. The code covers the entire production chain and includes vaccination of hens against Salmonella and a ‘passport’ system ensuring that hens, eggs and feed are fully traceable.
Eggs bearing the British Lion mark are widely available, which may have led to an expectation that all eggs are Lion. However, not all eggs consumed which are available in the UK have been produced under this scheme. In times of shortages and disrupted supply chains, people may be purchasing and using eggs produced outside the British Lion Code of Practice and may not be aware of the additional precautions required when handling and cooking these eggs.
Enforcement officers need to be alert to this situation and ensure that businesses, such as those producing food for take-away or home delivery, are taking adequate food safety precautions in relation to eggs, particularly if they're undercooked.
The webinar will be of interest to Environmental Health Practitioners as well as those working in the hospitality sector, volunteers new to handling food, catering suppliers, food retailers, trainers, consultants and all those interested in food safety.
Book onto the free webinar today to secure your place