A fry up really is the best hangover cure

A new survey* has revealed that a full English breakfast is the fastest acting hangover cure and the preferred remedy for Brits battling the aftermath of a heavy night.

More than a third (38%) of Brits who chose to eat a fry up recovered from their hangover in less than 3 hours, compared to 19% of those who took painkillers and 3% who stayed in bed all day.

The popularity of eggs amongst those feeling worse for wear after a heavy night could be explained by the high levels of cysteine found in the amino acids contained in eggs.

The survey of 2000 Brits* found that 26% of popular hangover cures rely on a dish that contains egg. Eggs are also nature’s multivitamin, offering high-quality protein, B vitamins and vitamin D, which helps fight hangovers and improve alertness.

The survey also highlighted that Brits should forget the ‘hair of the dog’, staying in bed all day, fresh air or a hot shower - nothing will make them feel better in under three hours than a full English that contains all the hangover-defeating properties of eggs.

*Survey carried out by One Poll on 2,000 British adults between 19.09.16 – 22.09.16