Gizzi celebrates the original egg

Chef and TV presenter Gizzi Erskine is helping to get real eggs back on the menu this Easter with a dozen recipes that can be cooked in a dozen minutes or less.

Despite UK sales rising in 2010*, the UK still lags behind many other countries in the number of hens’ eggs it eats. Gizzi has taken inspiration from world cooking to create a series of super-speedy egg recipes.

Gizzi’s recipes demonstrate that not only can eggs be tasty and exotic, but they can also provide a meal in minutes. From one minute Chinese fried eggs to 10 minute Mexican huevos rancheros or Australian eggs Benedict that can be cooked in just 11 minutes, there is something to tempt all tastes. 

Gizzi said: “My recipes are inspired by my travels. It’s so easy to combine more exotic flavours with good quality British ingredients, like eggs, to create something quick, exciting and delicious - perfect to spice up Easter brunch.”

Eggs have been deemed a superfood by scientists in recent years which has helped to re-establish them as a favourite, but many people cannot see beyond simple boiling and scrambling. Gizzi’s inspirational dishes will help to expand people’s recipe repertoire, taking a lead from favourite egg-based meals from around the world.

Mexicans eat the most eggs per capita each year with China and Japan following close behind. The UK comes 19th in the list of egg consumption, below the USA, Italy, Germany and Australia.


* The total egg market at retail in the UK grew by 1.6% in volume and 2.6% in value in 2010 (source: TNS Superpanel data 52 w/e 26 December 2010).

  1. Originally during Lent, the eating of animal products, including eggs, was strictly forbidden.  However, as hens continued to lay eggs throughout the fast, by Easter Sunday the stock of eggs was especially large, and surplus eggs were thereby incorporated into the day’s celebrations.  
  2. The top countries in terms of egg consumption (annual egg consumption per capita) are as follows:
  3.  1.Mexico (355) 2. China (344) 3. Japan (325) 4. Hungary (261) 5. Czech Republic (258) 6. France (248) 7. USA (246), 8. UAE (242) 9. Austria (232) 10. New Zealand (228) 11.Colombia (215) 12. Italy (215) 13. Germany (211) 14. Argentina (210) 15. Sweden (201) 16. Slovakia (201) 17. Australia (194) 18. Canada (193) 19. UK (189) 20. Switzerland (187)