Gizzi Erskine launches a dozen Meals in Minutes with eggs

Women spend on average nine hours a week cooking*, but a new recipe collection by chef and TV presenter Gizzi Erskine will help busy cooks save precious minutes in the kitchen. The dozen recipes have a cooking time between just 1 and 12 minutes – making most quicker than the average TV ad break. 

The new recipes feature on and includes a three minute smoked salmon and Boursin omelette, Turkish eggs ready in five minutes, and an eight minute ‘Cheat’s’ Croque Madame. The recipes also use a variety of seasonal British produce including asparagus and salmon. 

Gizzi says: “Buying British is important to me so I always look for the British Lion to make sure my eggs are produced to the highest standards of food safety. 

“We all want to save time in the kitchen, but doing so without compromising on taste or quality of ingredients can be tricky. That’s where these recipes fill a gap, showing how easy it is to create a dozen delicious meals in just minutes. I’d encourage anyone to give the recipes a go!”

With one egg containing less than 80 calories, the recipe collection includes a number of healthy options - boiled eggs with asparagus and an Indian scramble being just two examples. Several recent studies show that eating eggs can help control feelings of hunger, cut calorie intake by 400 calories per day and increase weight loss. 

Gizzi says: “The new recipes show that fast food doesn’t have to be unhealthy. High quality sources of protein such as eggs will help keep you fuller for longer so omelettes, scrambles and bakes are a great choice for lunch or dinner. For breakfast I’m a big fan of fried eggs with a bit of chilli to set me up for the day ahead.”

And there is more good news on the health front, with recent research confirming that there are no limits on egg consumption as well as concluding that eggs can be considered a superfood due to the essential nutrients they contain.  

*Survey by Breville, August 2010