Going back to work on an egg for Breakfast Week

British Lion Eggs are predicting that more people will be ‘going to work on an egg’ during this year’s Breakfast Week (24-30 January 2016) than in previous years’ celebrations.  

Latest figures show that retail egg sales have risen by 22% in the last seven years. In 2015 we ate around 33m eggs every day – around a million more each day than the previous year!

“Our research shows that an increasing number of younger people are discovering the benefits of ‘going to work on an egg’, as many of their parents grew up doing,” says British Egg Industry Council chairman Andrew Joret. 

“These days people are seeking out healthy, natural foods like eggs, with eggs and avocado sharing top spot on social media last year.Eggs are also recognised as one of the best breakfasts for weight-watchers, recommended by all the UK’s major slimming organisations.”

Research has shown that, from a selection of calorie-matched typical UK breakfasts, eggs came out on top for slimmers as they kept people feeling fuller for longer, which meant they went on to eat fewer calories at subsequent meals[1].

Whether poached, scrambled or boiled with soldiers, eggs are not only a versatile and delicious way to warm up winter mornings, but they are also packed with protein, vitamins and minerals including vitamin D and B vitamins. 

[1] Fallaize R et al. (2013) Variation in the effects of three different breakfast meals on subjective satiety and subsequent intake of energy at lunch and evening meal, European Journal of Nutrition 52(4):1353-9