It’s official, scrambled is the best way to eat eggs, according to new research

A nationwide survey has revealed that scrambled egg has been voted the king of egg dishes, with almost half (49 percent) of Brits claiming it is their hands down favourite way to eat eggs. 

Scrambled eggs have been cooked and eaten by people for aeons:  they are an ancient meal, with a recipe involving eggs being beaten with honey in a Roman cookbook from 1AD called “De Re Coquinaria”. 

Yet other ways to cook eggs are still heartily enjoyed by Brits, with soft-boiled coming in second place with 45 percent of the vote, followed by fried (44 percent) and poached (41 percent). 

And 29 percent of us love a hard-boiled egg - the same number who enjoy an omelette – and the last in the list of the best ways to consume eggs were baked (8 percent) and in a souffle (5 percent).

The study, by British Lion Eggs for British Egg Week, has come at an unprecedented period of egg cooking with 81 percent of us believing that eggs are having a revival. 

And the research revealed a generational shift when it comes to egg dishes, with Gen-Zers more interested in modern experimental dishes, being more than three times as likely to eat avocado and eggs on toast compared to over-60s (18 percent compared to 5 percent). 

In fact, 68 percent of people aged 60 plus had never tried avocado and eggs on toast.

There were similar results for insta favourite “cloud eggs” - with a yolk placed on a bed of whipped up whites - which had not been sampled by 80 percent of over-60s, and yet was chosen as a favourite by one in ten (9 percent) of Brits aged 18-29. 

Said Andrew Joret, Chairman of British Lion Eggs: “Eggs are an eternal favourite, but it’s interesting to see how trends change across the generations for ways to enjoy them. Just when you think you’ve tried them every way possible, up pops a new egg dish to try.”

And when it comes to old-fashioned egg dishes that are falling by the wayside, 42 percent of Gen-Zers had no idea what kedgeree is, 41 percent have never tried devilled eggs, and a third (33 percent) have never tasted a pickled egg.

While shockingly, the data implied that the classic Full English breakfast could become a thing of the past, as more than HALF (55 percent) of the 1,500 respondents claim that the calorie-laden meal is now outdated. 


1.    Scrambled    49%
2.    Soft boiled    45%
3.    Fried        44%
4.    Poached    41%
5.    Hard boiled    29%
6.    Omelette    24%
7.    Baked        8%
8.    Souffle        5%

*Research conducted by Perspectus Global on 1,500 UK adults aged 18+, 9-10 August 2021