It's World Egg Day!

October 12th is World Egg Day – so join egg lovers around the world and get cracking with some of these tasty dishes from across the globe.

Eggs, nature’s original fast food, can be cooked in so many delicious ways – you can start World Egg Day with Curried Scrambled Eggs, enjoy a Japanese omelette for lunch and enjoy Egg Fried Rice for dinner.

And there is more good news for news lovers as the latest figures show eggs contain more nutrients than 30 years ago.

Make sure you select the best of British eggs for recipes from any part of the world – look for the British Lion mark, which guarantees that eggs have been produced to the highest standards of food safety.  All Lion Quality eggs come from British hens vaccinated against salmonella, are fully traceable and have a ‘best before’ date on the shell as a guarantee of freshness.