JustEgg Achieves Lion Egg Products Certification

JustEgg Chilled Foods has joined the British Lion Egg products scheme, meaning seven of Britain’s largest suppliers are now fully certified members.

Formed in 2003, JustEgg is a family run business in East Leicester which operates from a high-tech processing plant. The small and dedicated management team work around the clock, ensuring customer orders are met and hygiene standards are maintained.  Innovation is key to the success of the company from recycling egg shell waste to the first “poached egg” produced to British Lion standards.

Pankaj Pancholi, Managing Director of JustEgg said: “There is a strong demand for British Lion quality processed egg as it’s widely recognised by consumers, caterers, food manufacturers and retailers for its high quality and food safety guarantees. We are delighted and proud to be part of the scheme and I’m thrilled that we can now offer it to our customers.”

Ian Jones, Chairman of British Lion Egg Processors, says: “JustEgg has joined at a really important time when there are clear food safety issues with imports and demand for Lion egg products is strong. I am delighted that the majority of the UK’s egg products processors are now Lion accredited and there is now even more availability for customers who wish to source Lion.”