Lion manifesto announced 

Andrew Joret has been re-elected as Chairman of the British Egg Industry Council (BEIC) and has announced a manifesto for his new term of office. 

“It has been a turbulent few months for the industry, with unprecedented demand which has served to demonstrate that the UK’s love affair with eggs is as strong as ever. There are some huge opportunities for the industry to continue to grow the market and we will be focusing on three key areas to drive standards, protect the market, and increase penetration for British Lion eggs.”

•    The launch of the most comprehensive Lion code ever
The Lion Code of Practice V8 will be published later this year, consolidating the most comprehensive and stringent measures ever, in line with the latest scientific and veterinary thinking, to ensure the Lion continues to offer the highest standards of food safety in the world.  

•    Maintain tariffs on imported eggs
With imported eggs appearing on supermarket shelves for the first time in decades, and trade negotiations with the USA and other countries on the horizon, the BEIC will continue to work to hold the government to its pledge to support the egg industry by not lowering standards.

•    Claim the Lion’s share
Following an extended period where eggs have become even more of a family favourite, the industry must work together to continue to maintain sales as people return to work.  Plans are in place to highlight the food safety, nutritional benefits, and versatility of British Lion eggs. The industry will also be working with the foodservice and food manufacturing industry to continue the steady increase in Lion specification that these sectors have seen in recent years.