Lion roars for retailers

Retail egg sales are on the rise, with the latest figures driven by increasing consumer desire for healthier options and supported by the growth in popularity of flexitarianism and demand for meat-free protein-based options, according to British Lion eggs.

With around 6.5bn eggs sold in the last year, sales are up more than 4% (vol), the equivalent of roughly 260m extra eggs (52 w/e 14.7.19).

Andrew Joret, British Egg Industry Council Chairman, says: “The latest figures make great reading for retailers and are no surprise as eggs offer a completely unique, natural meal solution that is healthy, versatile, easy to cook and cost-effective.

“The market for eggs is bigger now than it has been for more than 30 years, with the FSA’s change in egg consumption advice meaning that vulnerable groups, which may have been avoiding eggs altogether, can eat runny eggs again, as long as they are Lion.

“Whether young or old, eggs are the perfect choice to fuel busy modern lifestyles, suiting demand for healthier options and the rise of flexitarianism, and consumers are waking up to that. Retailers can make the most of this opportunity to target pregnant women, parents of small children, and the elderly by highlighting the Lion and the new advice clearly on pack and in store.”

Kantar sales volume 52 w/e 14.7.19