Lucy Mecklenburgh shares love of eggs in new campaign

There’s a surprising new secret weapon in the food cupboard of celebrities, helping to keep them looking good and feeling great – the humble egg! Eggs are enjoying a renaissance as hot stars like Lucy Mecklenburgh have revealed them as their top ingredient for a healthy diet. Lucy, fitness entrepreneur and glam TV star, has teamed up with chef Paul Merrett and British Lion eggs to launch a campaign to show that healthy eating the natural way - with high protein, nutrient-rich foods like eggs - will help you feel fit and look terrific. 

Eggs are simple, unprocessed and packed full of nutrients, making them nature’s multivitamin. Lucy is well known for keeping in shape the natural way and saying no to faddy diets which is why eggs are top of her shopping list. As well as containing essential nutrients like vitamin D and B vitamins, the protein they contain helps to maintain a strong and healthy body. Not only that, their high protein content also keeps the hunger pangs at bay, helping minimise unhealthy snacking.

Lucy has joined forces with top chef Paul Merrett to create some tasty superfood recipes that show how eating well doesn’t have to mean hours in the kitchen or missing out on delicious food. Their collection of twelve ‘healthy meals in minutes’ includes new tortilla, poached and boiled egg recipes, ranging from Vietnamese omelette wrap to Avocado egg cups and Three grain, tofu & egg stir-fry. The recipes will feature on

Lucy Mecklenburgh, the face of the new campaign, says, “It’s no secret that I’m a mega egg fan! For me they tick all the boxes – what other food compares in terms of the nutrients they contain and the hundreds of ways they can be cooked? Boiled, scrambled, or as an omelette combined with plenty of veg they help keep me looking good. Eggs are a fridge essential for me, they are quick to cook, tasty and filling which fits my active lifestyle.”  

Paul Merrett says, “Eggs are so versatile and can be used with a wide range of ingredients and flavours, so creating a healthy meal is easy once you have a little inspiration. I created these dishes with Lucy so everyone can enjoy meals that are naturally delicious as well as good for them.”