Michelle Keegan goes to work on an egg

Michelle Keegan
Michelle Keegan has revealed that she likes to start her day on one of the most versatile foods around - eggs. 

In an interview with Heat magazine, the Coronation Street actress said she favours a protein-based breakfast that is healthy, quick and easy to make – and her favourite egg recipe is an omelette made with smoked salmon and asparagus.

Michelle is the latest in a line of celebrities making eggs a key part of their diets. Alesha Dixon is reportedly a fan of poached eggs on toast and Cheryl Cole allegedly likes hers boiled. Hollywood stars are also embracing the trend, with Eva Longoria and Kate Beckinsale choosing eggs to set them up for workouts.  

Nutritionist Cath MacDonald said: “It’s clear that celebrities are enjoying going to work on an egg. Whilst many of us may be tempted to embark on fad diets to slim down following the holiday period, it is much healthier to eat sensibly, starting with a protein-packed breakfast rich in vitamins and minerals.”

Inspired by Michelle’s breakfast habits? The actress has teamed up with Lion eggs to celebrate the great British egg and share her favourite egg recipe – click here to try her salmon and asparagus omelette.