Mums know best for perfect pancakes

A new survey[1] has revealed that almost 60% of Brits need to seek advice before making pancakes for Shrove Tuesday, with 1 in 5 asking a family member before they know enough to get flipping.

The survey by British Lion eggs also found that 16-34 year olds are more likely to ask their mum’s advice on making pancakes rather than asking Google - proving that mums know best for getting the perfect batter, even in today’s digital world.

British Lion eggs has created a simple six step guide to take the stress out of Shrove Tuesday. Armed with this one-stop guide you’ll be sure to impress with your tossing skills, whether your toppings of choice are simple lemon and sugar or something a little more adventurous!

When making pancakes, it’s important to remember to look for eggs bearing the British Lion mark, which guarantees that they have been produced to the highest standards of food safety. All Lion Quality eggs come from British hens vaccinated against salmonella, are fully traceable and have a ‘best before’ date on the shell as a guarantee of freshness. British Lion eggs are the only ones approved by the Food Standards Agency to be served runny, or even raw, to babies, pregnant women and elderly people. In order to view the full recipe collection visit:

[1] Survey of 1,200 respondents conducted by Censuswide on 8 December 2017