New study says an egg a day for babies improves growth

A study published in the American journal Pediatrics entitled ‘Eggs in Early Complementary Feeding and Child Growth: A Randomized Controlled Trial’ has found that eggs are a good source of nutrients for growth and development in children in Ecuador. The researchers hypothesized that introducing eggs early during complementary feeding would improve child nutrition. They conducted a randomized controlled trial in Ecuador on children aged 6 to 9 months who were randomly assigned to eating 1 egg per day for 6 months or the control  group of no intervention. All households were visited once per week to monitor any health problems, distribute eggs, and monitor egg intakes (for egg group only).

No allergic reactions to the eggs were reported. The children in the treatment group had higher dietary intakes of eggs and reduced intake of sugar-sweetened foods compared with the control group. The findings demonstrated that early introduction of eggs significantly improved growth in young children. As an accessible, cost-effective food eggs have the potential to contribute to child growth.

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