New study to test whether egg intake can be increased to improve muscle mass and strength for older people

The next stage of a new UK study looking into the potential for improving health in later life by increasing the number of eggs you eat is set to start this month. The findings will be announced next year.

The intervention study aims to increase protein intake by increasing egg consumption in community dwelling individuals aged over 55 by providing recipes to increase the flavour and variety of egg dishes.

The PhD project, led by Dr Katherine Appleton, from the Department of Psychology at Bournemouth University, began in January 2015, with focus group and questionnaire research to establish attitudes to egg consumption in older adults across the UK.

Approximately 20% of older people in the UK are currently thought to suffer from inadequate protein-specific nutrition. Eggs, as a high protein food with considerable nutritional benefits, offer a number of practical advantages in terms of texture, shelf life, ease of cooking and cost over many other high protein foods.