Non-UK egg white recall leads to renewed calls for higher food safety standards

British Lion eggs is renewing its calls for the EU to raise egg and egg processing safety standards across Europe following the Food Standards Agency recalling Dr Zak’s Barn farmed Liquid Egg White, which is produced in France but available across the UK,  due to Salmonella.

This recall is the latest in a long line of safety issues related to non-UK egg products and follows the publication of a 2016 Government report which highlighted three separate cases involving Salmonella in imported egg products, noting that pasteurised egg can carry a food safety risk. The report confirmed that the risk from domestically produced egg products will be lower.

Ian Jones, Chairman of British Lion egg processors, said: “The gap in safety standards between British Lion egg products and non-UK produced egg products is clear.

“It is time to put in place more stringent egg safety standards. If manufacturers and retailers do not want to act on Government advice and recognise the additional food safety standards of the Lion, then the British Government should use Brexit as an opportunity to prevent the import of egg products produced to lower food safety standards.”

Food safety expert, Dr Lisa Ackerley, added: “Pasteurisation alone has been shown not to give the assurance we all need; the raw product needs to be of a high standard as well, and that’s why British Lion egg products stand apart. In addition, the Lion Code of Practice ensures that the highest standards of food safety have been adhered to at all stages of the food chain, meaning that microbiological standards are upheld.”