Record breaking egg sales

Egg sales are accelerating at a rapid rate, with the latest four week data showing a sharp rise, and the strongest period of growth recorded since the end of rationing in the 1950s.

Retail egg sales (volume) have increased by 9.2% year-on-year for the latest monthly period (4 w/e 6 November), the equivalent of around 40 million extra eggs, with free range eggs showing particularly significant growth. Full year figures (volume) are also buoyant, having increased by 4.2% year-on-year (52 w/e 6 November).

More than 500 million more eggs a year are now being sold at retail than just two years ago (52 w/e 6 Nov 2016).

Kantar Worldpanel (4 w/e 6 November 2016), Kantar Worldpanel (52 w/e 6 November 2016)