Shoppers demand British eggs in prepared foods

New research shows that more than 40% of shoppers are concerned about the quality and safety of ingredients in prepared food from supermarkets - and many were appalled that some retailers’ products contain foreign eggs*.

Eggs, along with chicken and beef, raised the greatest concern. The research showed a strong demand for British eggs, with 70% of shoppers saying that prepared foods should always use British eggs and 90% saying that the packaging should display country of origin for eggs.

When asked what they thought about foreign eggs being used, more than 60% expressed concern. Consumers even talked of being ‘appalled’ that this might be the case.

Demand for the British Lion mark was also strong, with 78% of shoppers keen to see the use of the British Lion mark on prepared foods to provide added quality and safety reassurance.

Ian Jones, Chairman of British Lion egg processors, commented: “The message from shoppers is clear – they want British eggs in prepared food, whether it is a quiche, a scotch egg or an egg sandwich, and they want the packaging to state the country of origin. Very little packaging provides this information and many consumers would be shocked to find that more than a third of eggs used in manufactured food products are currently imported.

“The quality of the ingredients in prepared food has come under intense scrutiny in recent years, particularly following the horse meat scandal. There have also been ongoing issues with the safety of imported eggs and egg products, with cases of salmonella and dioxin contamination reported so it’s little wonder that consumers are looking for reassurance.

 “The simple solution is for retailers and manufacturers to specify British Lion egg products to guarantee a quality ingredient produced to the highest standards of food safety. If your packaging also carries the British Lion mark, consumers get the reassurance they want, as well as recognising that you are supporting British producers and providing the added food safety and security of the British Lion.”


* Research conducted by RPA Ltd among 1500 principal shoppers – nationally representative, randomised sample interviewed face to face in the home - and focus group research among 5 groups of C1/C2 principal shoppers that had bought products containing eggs recently.