Support the Lions – ‘scrumble’ for the scramble

Millions of Brits will be settling down to watch the first test between the British and Irish Lions and the New Zealand All Blacks on 24 June. And with the tests taking place early in the morning, it’s the perfect time to kick the day off with a tasty, protein filled egg breakfast.

Starting the day with eggs will put you in some very good company, including Lions captain, Sam Warburton, who wakes up to a four egg omelette.  And with two eggs providing 10-20g of protein, perfect for aiding recovery after exercise, athletes everywhere use eggs to help fuel their success.

While the teams are battling for supremacy down under, you can ‘beat’ all-comers with these deliciously tasty breakfasts, courtesy of British Lion eggs.  Quick enough to be cooked up at half-time, you won’t need to miss a minute of the match and whatever happens, you’ll be raising the cup (that’s the egg cup of course!).

The half time recipe collection includes:

Green protein pot – The ultimate protein pot; smashed avocado, spinach and seeds with a squeeze of lime and a hint of chilli served with two hard boiled eggs.
Micro Mexican pot – A combination of peppers, onions, tomatoes, kidney beans, avocado and chilli topped with two baked eggs which can be cooked in the microwave. 
Avocado and egg quesadilla with salmon – avocado, spinach, tomato and a runny egg filled whole-wheat tortilla, topped with smoked salmon.
Spinach omelette with salmon – a protein packed omelette topped with spinach, peas, smoked salmon and cheddar cheese.