Teaching your grandmother (or plus ça change?)

What has changed in a generation in terms of weaning and introducing family foods?

Bridget Halnan looks at the advice grandparents are giving and whether or not today’s parents have new concerns, for Journal of Health Visiting 

The challenges currently faced by new parents are both similar to, and different from, those of their own parents when they were at the same  stage of life. Financial pressures have increased and housing costs are now the biggest share of a new family’s budget. Food banks and zero-hour  contracts are a common feature of contemporary UK society, alongside concerns over global warming and climate change. 

Weaning advice has changed in a generation, both in terms of what foods to recommend and when to introduce solids. Eggs are a good example of an everyday food about which advice has changed in recent years. They are a food that can help parents meet their own and their infants’ nutritional needs in a cost-effective way.

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