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How to cook eggs sunny side up

Fried egg sunny side up

Simple and delicious, the fried egg has been a staple source of enjoyment for hungry diners for generations and none more so than the sunny side up! A runny golden yolk is the perfect vehicle for dipping a wedge of crusty bread or acting as a silky melting pot for sausages, beans and other delicious ingredients which star in a traditional English breakfast.

Getting the yolk right isn’t the only requirement for a great sunny side up egg; egg whites should be light, fluffy and easily cut, with enough of the white set so the top doesn’t run. If crispy egg whites sound all too familiar to you then you’re doing it all wrong!


Heat a large, non-stick frying pan or heavy iron cast skillet over a medium-low heat with a light coating of olive oil – any hotter and the oil will crisp up the whites.

When to add the eggs

If you’re unsure about whether the pan is at the correct temperature to add the eggs add ½ a teaspoon of water into the pan. The temperature of the pan will be just right if the water sizzles and then quickly evaporates in the pan.

Cooking the eggs

Crack the eggs and gently lower into the pan; if you’re cooking more than one egg be sure to crack them away from each other so the egg whites don’t form into one. If the oil in the pan begins to spit and crackle the temperature is too hot and will need to be turned down. The eggs will be done when the egg whites have set, this should take around 2-3 minutes depending on how hot your pan is. To check whether the eggs are done prod the whites with a fork to see whether the whites hold firm, alternatively give the pan a light shake, the eggs should hold their shape and not run.

Serving the eggs

When the eggs are ready, use a thin metal spatula to lift the egg from the pan. If you attempt to use anything thicker it may not slide under the egg and it could overcook while you're trying. Have a hot plate ready in order to keep the eggs warm when they’re served and finally sprinkle with your choice of seasoning!