Four fun things to do with eggs this Easter weekend


It’s that time of year once again, where eggs reign supreme and spring is in full swing. We love Easter here at Egg Recipes so we thought we would give you some tips on what you can do to make your bank holiday week even better. Other than making delicious and nutritious meals, there are some fun things you can do with eggs, so we thought we would lay down ideas for you to try out:

Bounce them

Yep, that’s right – you can bounce eggs. Don’t worry, April Fools is over so this isn’t a trick that’ll result in a messy floor.  Get your egg, put it in a cup and cover completely with vinegar before leaving for 3 or so days. After this, the shell will have dissolved, and after some drying/draining your egg will be ready to bounce. Drop from just a few inches to start with, and work your way up to see how high you can drop it from. Whoever’s egg survives the highest drop wins!

Play with your food

This is the one time when it’s ok to play with your food, so make the most of the chance! Toast soldiers are a classic, so soft boil your egg, cut up your toast into rectangles and get them ready for a serious dipping! Want to try something more ambitious? Try out this fun Bagel Snake, these delicious animal cookies or whip up some adorable bee cupcakes.

Paint them

No Easter is complete without some painted eggs! This is a chance to let your creativity out and gives the humble egg a chance to shine as well. Hard boil them for ten minutes to make sure they don’t crack or pop when you get started, and get to work. You can use just about anything that doesn’t need you to press too hard, so feel free to grab markers, felt tips or even paint brushes. Make them colourful, draw faces, put on some stickers and eggspress yourself.

Plant seeds

That’s right; you can actually plant seeds in eggs and grow them there before moving them onto their permanent home in the garden or pot. The seeds will grow because of the nutrition still inside the shell, and look pretty adorable too! Make a tiny crack at the top to drain out the yolk, and break away the edges until you have a cup shape, give it a rinse, and add a small amount of sand at the bottom before covering with some paper towel. Add some moist soil, and make a little hole inside. Drop the seed in and cover with a little more soil before putting the egg back into its carton, but lined with aluminium. Find a sunny spot and leave it there! Well, there you have it – just a few ideas on what you can do with eggs this Easter! We wish you a fantastic bank holiday weekend with lots of sunshine!  

Easter recipes

Easter recipes