Egg Allergy in Children and Weaning Diet

Carlo Caffarelli 1, Arianna Giannetti 2, Arianna Rossi 1, Giampaolo Ricci 3

PMID: 35458102 PMCID: PMC9025129 DOI: 10.3390/nu14081540


Eggs are a fundamental food in the human diet, and together with cow's milk, they are the most common food allergen. This work highlights the main nutritional characteristics of eggs to show how their absence from a child's diet can constitute a serious deficiency. We then analyze the risk factors that facilitate the onset of egg allergy. The third part of the paper reports possible interventions to lower the appearance of food allergy that have been occurred in trials. The last part of the paper is a synthesis of this research study that has been taken from several of the latest guidelines or from position papers.

Keywords: dietetic interventions; egg; egg allergy; food allergy; infant; prevention; weaning.

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