Egg breakfast enhances weight loss

This randomized trial, a follow-up to a preliminary study documenting the satiety potential of eggs, examined the effect of egg breakfast on weight loss. Otherwise healthy overweight or obese subjects (n = 160) were assigned to Egg(E), Egg-Diet (ED), Bagel (B), or Bagel-Diet (BD) groups.

The two “egg groups” and the two “bagel groups” were prescribed egg breakfast containing 2 eggs (340 kcal) or a breakfast equal in kcal and weight but containing bagels, respectively, for > 5 d / wk.

The two “diet groups” were prescribed about 1,000 kcal energy deficit low-fat diet. The other groups were asked not to change their kcal intake. At baseline, all groups matched for age, BMI, gender and race distribution, body fat, and plasma lipids. After 8 wks, the ED group had 65% greater weight loss vs the BD group (mean ±SD; - 6.0 ± 5.0 vs -3.5 ± 5.2 lb, p <.05) and 83% greater decrease in waist circumference (p<.05).

Weight loss induced by a diet while on egg breakfast was about twice than that induced while on bagel breakfast (5.4 + 5.1 vs 2.8 + 5.2 lb; p < .03). The ED group also reported a greater improvement in feeling energetic than the BD group (p < .05).

Changes in plasma total- , HDL- and LDL-cholesterol and triglycerides did not differ significantly between groups. Eating egg breakfast while on weight loss diet enhances weight loss, presumably by increasing adherence due to greater satiety.


Vander Wal JS, Gupta A, Khosla P, Dhurandhar NV (2008) Egg breakfast enhances weight loss. International Journal of Obesity 32: 1545 - 1551


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