How to make a cheese omelette

A cheese omelette

The plain cheese omelette is perhaps the easiest starting point when learning how to cook a simple and tasty meal. In fact,  sometimes it really can’t get any better.

Starting out

Begin by cracking your eggs into a bowl (2 or 3) and adding a light seasoning of salt and black pepper before you begin whisking the egg. For a fluffy omelette add a splash of milk or cream and whisk vigorously for around 30 seconds, or as foam begins to appear on the top of the mixture. The more foam that appears the fluffier it will be, but don’t go overboard!

Getting things ready for the pan

Put your mixture to one side and heat a standard sized frying pan with vegetable oil on a medium heat. Whilst you’re waiting for your pan to heat you can now start to prepare your cheese! If you’re using a hard cheese such as cheddar then grating it is preferable; for soft and crumbly cheeses such as goats, brie or stilton, thinly slice it into smaller chunks so it can quickly melt when added to the mixture.

Time to cook!

When your pan has just started to smoke, pour in the mixture and make sure that it’s evenly spread around the pan. After 10 seconds of cooking – before the egg begins to set – take your spatula and gently move it round the edges of the omelette to allow the runny egg to flow out to the side to form a better shape and ensure it doesn’t stick when you need to flip.

Around 20-30 seconds into cooking the omelette will begin to form. At this stage evenly sprinkle or add in the prepared cheese across the omelette, along with any additional seasoning of your choice and cook for a further minute.

To flip, gently edge the spatula under one side of the omelette and guide it onto the other to ensure it doesn’t break. Cook through for another 10-15 seconds, or to your preferred consistency. Slide the finished dish onto a plate and serve!