How to make a fluffy omelette

Fluffy omelette

Egg lovers around the world will know all too well of the fabled fluffy omelette: a melt-in-your-mouth dish which can make your meal go from good to great. Many people struggle when attempting to fluff up their omelettes, but by following just a few simple steps you’ll have the art cracked in no time at all!

Preparing your pan

Having your pan just right is essential if you want to get your omelette fluffy and by using a combination of vegetable oil and a knob of butter you can do just that. Not only will this prevent the omelette from sticking, but the butter will also give a burst of indulgent flavour as well as adding a little golden colour to the finished product.

Whisk your eggs right

When making your standard omelette you can get away with briskly beating your eggs side-to-side with a fork for 10 seconds or so, but if you want your dish light and fluffy you’re going to need a bit more elbow-grease. This is where a whisk comes in handy! By getting more air in the mixture you’re more likely to get that fluffy finish, so get stuck in and give them a good mix for 30 seconds until the top layer has a thick, frothy foam.

Adding milk or cream

Many people add either milk or cream to their omelettes in order to bulk them out and have a more substantial dish without the need to add an extra egg. While this does work, it’s crucial not to go overboard or you’ll end up with a mixture that’s too loose. Add no more than a tablespoon of milk or cream before whisking for that extra creaminess.


Cook your mixture as you would any other omelette: make sure you keep a medium heat so nothing burns and only add the mixture once the butter foam begins to die down. Add your mixture, distribute around the pan evenly and once the egg has begun to form a more solid body, flip and cook through for another 10-20 seconds – it’s as simple as that!

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