Desserts and baking recipes

Eggs are most commonly thought of as a key ingredient in a number of savoury dishes, however they also hold an equally important place in sweet recipes. From cakes to custard, eggs play a vital role in baking, and are a must-have kitchen staple for any aspiring baker.

Whether you’re looking to bake a birthday cake, or rustle up a last minute dessert, take a look and try out our range of desserts and baking recipes which includs puddings, cakes and deliciously unique creations. We have a wealth of sweet recipes for you to try, including chocolate torte, egg custard and pancakes with an array of different flavours and toppings.

Top tip: eggs are a vital part of a lot of sweet dishes, with many being quick and easy desserts that only use a few ingredients. It’s important to keep in mind that while many of these dishes are easy desserts to make, eggs can still scramble when being added to hot batters and other liquids so, for the best desserts, ensure that all liquids are cooled before adding your eggs. For more dessert ideas, check out our chocolate pudding recipe, or our fresh fruit gateau for a simple cake recipe.

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