British Lion egg products

Egg products are eggs that have been processed. They are used by food manufacturers, bakers and caterers to save time, money and hassle, without neglecting quality or food safety responsibilities.

Egg products are available in many different formats, including liquid, frozen and dried. Ready-made products such as boiled eggs, scotch eggs, mayonnaise, scrambled eggs and sandwich fillings are also available.

Egg products arrive in the UK from all over the world, clocking up an estimated 3.5 million miles in the process - enough to get to the moon and back more than eight times.

Choosing British Lion egg products minimises the number of food miles and guarantees that you are using British eggs produced to the highest standards, as well as supporting British farmers. In addition, the Lion free range flock is the largest in Europe and the UK industry is well -placed to meet increasing demand for free range eggs.

Due to the economies of scale and levels of demand that apply, egg products are not normally available direct to consumers although some larger retailers now stock a small range. For larger quantities, contact your local Cash and Carry.