Baby finger food ideas

Eggs are an ideal finger food for babies, whether you’re following baby-led weaning or just want to let your baby experiment with feeding themselves. Whether it’s your baby’s first dippy egg or an omelette finger, you’ll know that every mouthful is full of natural goodness.

Eggs contain high-quality protein as well as wide range of important vitamins and minerals, including vitamin D, iodine, and omega-3 fats. Egg-based finger foods can be served in the early stages of weaning – it’s recommended that babies are given eggs at around 6 months of eggs this can help protect them against future egg allergy. Letting babies feed themselves with finger foods is important to help them with their chewing skills and with hand-eye coordination.

You can try starting them off with a boiled egg mashed with toast and Omelette fingers are another ideal way of introducing eggs as a weaning finger food. Once your baby is ready for some variety you can try incorporating vegetable into omelettes for an extra nutritious finger food. Of course, a traditional dippy egg with toast soldiers is an ideal early finger food for babies.

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